R.M. of McKillop



Employee Policies

Policy #EMP-001: Harassment


Administrative Policies

Policy #ADM-001: Purchasing Authority and Authorization of Expenditures

Policy #ADM-002: Proof of Workers' Compensation Board coverage by outside maintenance and construction contractors

Policy #ADM-003: Website meeting minutes posting

Policy #ADM-004: Amalgamation of property

Policy #ADM-005: Website information posting


Transportation Policies

Policy #TS-001: Provision of property access approaches

Policy #TS-002: Dust comtrol product application

Snow Removal Policy


Environmental Health Policies

Policy #EH-003: Cemetery maintenance


Planning and Development Policies

R.M. of McKillop No. 220 103 Ashley Street, Bulyea, SK S0G 0L0 Telephone: 306-725-3230 Fax: 306-725-3206       Email:  rm220@sasktel.net