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Lakeshore Residential Information

Commonly asked questions regarding Lakeshore Residential district:

Important Information regarding Lakeshore Residential development:


  • Be aware that all bylaws and policies of the R. M. of McKillop No. 220 supersede any development requirements or property ownership statements made by property developers.  Please be sure to contact the R. M. administration office to clarify the bylaws and requirements that are applicable to your situation prior to taking any action with regard to activities on your property.


  • The Statement of Provincial Interest Regulations prohibit the development of new buildings and additions to buildings in the flood way of the 1:500 year flood elevation of any watercourse or water body.  It also requires flood proofing of new building and additions to buildings to an elevation 0.5 metres above the 1:500 years flood elevation of any watercourse or water in the flood fringe.  Water Security Agency has stated that the 1:500 Estimated Peak Water level for Last Mountain Lake is 493.0 metres.  Please ensure your project (of inhabital space) is above the 493.5 metres if you are located in the flood zone or free board of Last Mountain Lake.  Please mention this detail to your designer, architect and engineer.


  • Please note: The Zoning Bylaw 234/11 does not permit campers or RV’s as a principal use. There must be a cabin, house, RTM or modular home on the property before a camper can be used.  At no time can there be multiple campers on a property.  Please make alternate arrangements for multiple campers.  



Important Information from the Water Security Agency:




As of September 14th, 2015,  all projects in Lakeshore Development district and Recreational Resort district involving excavation require a current site specific geotechnical report or a stamped letter of project support from a Saskatchewan Geotechnical Engineer.  Projects in Agricultural district, Hamlet district and Country Residential district will require geotechnical reports if they are located in the Environmentally Sensitive Overlay.


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment would like to draw attention to the following brochure.  It is imperative that demolition waste be disposed of properly.


Other development information:


Bylaws - General Information



The amended Zoning Bylaw contains important changes to the setback requirements in the Lakeshore Residential district as well as the introduction of prohibiting mobile homes within the district.  Please take note of the changes listed.


The following bylaw may be helpful with your tree planting project.




General Building Inspection Information


Building Inspectors

Professional Building Inspections, Inc. (PBI) is the RM’s contracted building inspectors. They will work closely with you to ensure you have a progressive and successful project.

PBI specification forms are required for all building projects. Please contact the Development office to obtain the correct forms:
1-306-725-3258   |   rmdevelopment@rm220.ca


PBI information and resources: 




Mobile Homes and Modular Homes

In the current bylaw, mobile homes are not permitted in the Hamlet district, Lakeshore Residential district, or Recreational Resort district. They are considered a discretionary use in the Agriculture district and therefore must meet strict standards and guidelines before being permitted (in the Agriculture district only).

Are you purchasing a mobile home or modular home? Are you unsure of what your prospective home is classified as?  Here is some helpful information you should know before you buy. PBI Terms and Definitions


Moving a Building

Are you wanting to move any type of home or accessory building (larger than 100 square feet) into the RM of McKillop?  Are you wanting to move any building (larger than 100 square feet) within the RM boundaries?  You must arrange a Pre-Move Inspection with PBI, Inc.  Please read the following carefully.



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