R.M. of McKillop


Draft Bylaws

Property Tax Incentives and Penalties (Bylaw No. 378/2019)

2019 Mill Rate, Mill rate Factors and Minimum Tax (Bylaw No. 377/2019)


Planning and Development Bylaws

Address Bylaw (Bylaw No. 339/2018)

Zoning Bylaw (Bylaw No. 234/11 - Consolidated)

Official Community Plan Bylaw (Bylaw No. 233/11)

Regulate Planting of Trees, Placing of Stonepiles, Other Objects, and Fences Adjacent to Road (Bylaw No. 162/99)


Traffic Bylaws

ATV Bylaw (Bylaw No. 293/2015)

Securing of Loads Transporting Garbage, Refuse or Rubbish (Bylaw No. 214/07)

Regulate Cutting of Hay (Bylaw No. 53/76)


Public Safety Bylaws

Fire Suppression Management (Bylaw No. 373/2019)

Nuisance Abatement (Bylaw No. 193/06)

Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms (Bylaw No. 178/02)

Prohibit Keeping of Livestock and Poultry in Hamlets (Bylaw No. 106/86)

Rat Eradication (Bylaw No. 63/79)


Administrative Bylaws

Hamlet of Sun Dale Utility Rates Bylaw (Bylaw No. 383/2019)

Collection of Household Garbage and Refuse & Disposal of Solid Waste (Bylaw No. 379/2019)

Garbage Bylaw (Bylaw No. 368/2018)

Extension of Time Required (Bylaw No. 371/2019)

Extension of Time Required (Bylaw No. 372/2019)

Council Procedures (Bylaw No. 328/2018) - Part 1

Council Procedures (Bylaw No. 328/2018) - Part 2

Council Procedures (Bylaw No. 328/2018) - Part 3

Council Procedures (Bylaw No. 328/2018) - Part 4


Council Member Code of Ethics Bylaw (Bylaw No. 326/2017)


Tax Incentives and Penalties (Bylaw No. 322/2016)

General Penalty (Bylaw No. 285/2015)

Tax Certificate Fees (Bylaw No. 284/2015)

Assessment Appeal Fees (Bylaw No. 276/2015)

Extension of Voting Hours (Bylaw No. 258/2014)

Mail-In Ballot Voting System (Bylaw No. 237/12)


Heritage Property Bylaws

Norrona Church Heritage Property (Bylaw No. 121/88)

Marieton Church and Cemetery Heritage Property (Bylaw No. 168/00)

Ravenside School Heritage Property (Bylaw No. 204/07)


Bylaw Enforcement

The R.M. of McKillop No. 220 contracts bylaw enforcement services from the Commissionairres - South Saskatchewan. A bylaw enforcement officer travels through the R.M. on a routine basis throughout the year to identify bylaw infractions that are occurring within the boundaries of the R.M. of McKillop No. 220. Please be sure that your activities fall within the parameters set out by the R.M. bylaws.


Please call the R.M. administration office for clarification or concerns you may have relating to bylaw infractions and bylaw enforcement.




Draft Bylaws


R.M. of McKillop No. 220 103 Ashley Street, P.O. Box 220  Bulyea, SK S0G 0L0 Telephone: 306-725-3230 Fax: 306-725-3206       Email:  rm220general@rm220.ca