R.M. of McKillop

General Information – Organized Hamlets


Organized Hamlets

Within the boundaries of the R.M. of McKillop No. 220 there are nine (9) Organized Hamlets, each with their own Organized Hamlet Board.


**Be aware that all bylaws and policies of the R. M. of McKillop No. 220 supersede any development requirements or property ownership statements made by property developers. Please be sure to contact the R. M. administration office to clarify the bylaws and requirements that are applicable to your situation prior to taking any action with regard to activities on your property.


Campers / RV's

Please note: The Zoning Bylaw 234/11 does not permit campers or RV’s as a principal use.  There must be a cabin, house, RTM or modular home on the property before a camper can be used.  At no time can there be multiple campers on a property.  Please make alternate arrangements for multiple campers.  

Letter re: Campers in Lakeshore Residential district





Organized Hamlet Board Guide

Organized Hamlet Board guide


Organized Hamlet Board Operations Policies

Policy #TS-002: Dust Control Product Application

Policy #OH-001: Financial Authority

Policy #OH-002: Expenditure Authorization Parameters

Policy #OH-003: Meeting Minutes

Policy #OH-004: Annual Budget

Policy #OH-005: Capital Transactions

Policy #OH-006: Community Water Well Operations

Policy #OH-007: Water Distribution System Operation

Policy #OH-008: Weed Control on Public Land

Policy #OH-009: Detonation of Fireworks on Public Lands

Policy #OH-010: Fire Protection Services

Policy #OH-011: Pest Control

Policy #OH-012: Emergency Medical Aid and Lifesaving Equipment Management

Policy #OH-013: Designated Swimming Areas

R.M. of McKillop No. 220 103 Ashley Street, P.O. Box 220  Bulyea, SK S0G 0L0 Telephone: 306-725-3230 Fax: 306-725-3206       Email:  rm220general@rm220.ca