Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I need a Development Permit?

  • Yes - All development within the RM of McKillop requires a permit.  The only exceptions are some agricultural operations and fences and gates, however these things still have to follow the Zoning Bylaw and any other applicable Bylaws or Legislation.

2. What's the difference between a Development Permit and a Building Permit?

  • Development Permits allows The RM to review a development to see if it meets the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw requirements and any other relevant policies or plans.
  • Building Permits address life and safety issues of a structure. It gives authorization to erect, demolish, relocate, alter or repair a structure. A building permit application is reviewed for compliance with National building code by a professional building inspector to ensure that our built environment is safe. 

3. Do I need to pay Development fees?

  • Yes - Unless, the development is for: 
    • an agriculture operation excluding; intensive agriculture and intensive livestock.
    • The erection of any fence, wall or gate.
    • The erection of a single residence Satellite dish, television antennae, or radio antennae.
    • Disposal of clean fill on a site where the clean fill is generated by construction or demolition activity on that site, subject to compliance with all federal and provincial requirements.

4. Do I have to pay Planning fees and why?

  • Yes - Developers have to pay all planning fees associated with their project. The RM does not have a Professional planner on staff so it is contracted out. All projects regarding Land Use are sent to the Planners for review to ensure they comply with our OCP, Zoning Bylaw and any other applicable legislation. Planning fees are $150-$200/hr, hours depend on the scope of the development.

5. Do I need the previous owner's Development and Building Permits or Inspection Reports?

  • Yes - BUYER BEWARE – Ensure that the previous owner provides all Inspection Reports pertaining to your property at time of purchase. When the RM is advised of Construction on a property by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or The Building Official, we review our records to determine if a Permit has been submitted and approved. If there are structures that were started without an approved permit, the current owner is advised that they must submit a Development and Building Permit. You, the buyer and current owner, will be responsible for those costs.

6. Are Building Permits public documents?

  • No - As per the Construction Codes Act, Section 21; Public Documents, all building permits applications, inspection reports by building officials, and orders written by building officials pursuant to Section 25 are a record, as defined by the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and subject to the requirements of the Act. The LaFOIP process must be followed when requesting building permit information. It is recommended that you obtain documents from the previous property owner if you want to avoid the LaFOIP process.

7. Do I need a Geotech Report?

  • Yes - As of September 14th, 2015,  all projects in Lakeshore Development districts and Recreational Resort district involving excavation require a current site-specific geotechnical report or a stamped letter of project support from a Saskatchewan Geotechnical Engineer.  Projects in Agricultural district, Hamlet district and Country Residential district will require geotechnical reports if they are located in the Environmentally Sensitive Overlay. A Site-specific GEO-Tech may include current and all future structures to eliminate the potential costs of obtaining a GEO-Tech Report for each build. Any GEO-Tech Report Should Also Include Elevation Requirements. 

8. How long will it take to process my development application?

  • 2-3 weeks - The RM of McKillop tries very hard to expedite applications as quickly as possible but things do still take time. We appreciate your patience.

9. Can I build a garage before I build my house?

  • Yes - You can build a garage before your house as long as you provide a security deposit of $5000.  The garage can only be on the property without a principle dwelling for 5years. After which you have to apply for development and building permits to build your principal dwelling.

10. What are Set-backs?

  • Setbacks - The distance required to obtain the front, rear, and side yards provisions of the RM Zoning Bylaw. In other words, they are the minimum distances a building has to be from property lines, roads, structures and/or other buildings

11. Will my new shed be assessed and/or impact my taxes?

  • Yes - Any shed (accessory building) 100square feet and over is assessed as an improvement on your land by SAMA and will affect your taxes.

12. Does the RM allow sea cans or intermodal shipping containers?

  • Yes, You may convert a sea can into an accessory building to use as a shed or small garage. The sea can must be modified enough from its original purpose so that it can no longer be used for shipping. A development permit is required, and the sea can must not be a visual nuisance to the neighborhood. You can also have a sea can for temporary storage while you build or renovate your home. Again, you will need a development permit for the sea can.

13. Do I own the beach in front of my property?

  • NO - All lakebed and shoreline property is owned by the Crown up to the ordinary waterline in a regular year. The riparian land is municipal or environmental reserve. The public is allowed to access and use any Crown/Public lands, this includes all beaches. No one has the right to cross your private property to get to the shoreline or beach but they can move freely along the shoreline. There are multiple locations within the Hamlets of McKillop that allow for beach access.

14. Do I need a permit from the Water Security Agency (WSA)

  • Yes - If you are doing any work along the shoreline, that includes anything from landscaping to building a boathouse, you will need a permit from the WSA. You can find the appropriate permit at WSA Permits.

15. Can I put a dock in the water?

  • Yes - However, seasonal piers and docks without a permit are considered trespassing on Crown land. The Public Can assume any Structure Left On Crown/Public Land Without Authority as an invitation for use. Although a private structure, It would be very difficult for a property owner to sue someone for using their dock or any anything else they might have left in the water. NOTE: The owner of any structure left in the water/Crown land is liable for them and their use by others.

16. What's the difference between a Mobile Home and Modular Home?

  • Steel Frame/Chassis - A Mobile Home is built on a steel frame or chassis and can depreciate in value. A modular is built like a more traditional structure and typically appreciates in value. Within the RM of McKillop, mobile homes are only permitted within the Hamlet of Uhl's Bay or on Ag property.