Organized Hamlets

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Within the boundaries of the R.M. of McKillop No. 220 there are nine (9) Organized Hamlets, each with their own Organized Hamlet Board. 

 **Be aware that all bylaws and policies of the R. M. of McKillop No. 220 supersede any development requirements or property ownership statements made by property developers. Please be sure to contact the R. M. administration office to clarify the bylaws and requirements that are applicable to your situation prior to taking any action with regard to activities on your property.


Please note: Council has passed a new Bylaw allowing Trailers for principle use without a residence as long as a permit has been acquired. Previously, There had to be a cabin, house, RTM or modular home on the property before a camper could be used.  At no time can there be multiple campers on a property.  Please make alternate arrangements for multiple campers.  

The annual permit is $250 plus an annual garbage fee of $250

Please Click on our new Trailer Bylaw and Permit application:

Trailer Permit And Fee Bylaw 427-2022

Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan (PARC) is an independent association that supports and represents the interests of cottage communities of Saskatchewan. Their vision is to be the voice of action for strengthening and supporting the cottage way of life in Saskatchewan. Please see the following updates from PARCS:

May 3/22

May 4/22

June 12/22

Aug. 27/22

Organized Hamlet Board Operations Policies and Guides