Subdivision Information

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Subdivision applications require Provincial approval from the Community Planning Branch. The process can take anywhere from 8-12 months or longer, depending on the subdivision complexity. Community Planning refers the subdivision to the RM for review. We send the Subdivision to our professional Planners to do that review. They ensure the subdivision will comply with our Zoning Bylaw, Official Community Plan, and any other applicable bylaws or policies. 

Please be advised that the RM of McKillop No. 220, requires a service agreement for all subdivisions. the following items may be required as a part of the agreement..

  1. Municipal road allowance road widening – within the area proposed for the subdivision.
  2. Drainage Plan for surface drainage prepared by a professional engineer or other qualified poerson(s).
  3. Road and approach construction to RM standards.
  4. Installation of utilities (water, sewer, power, etc.)
  5. Provincial Requirement: Municipal Reserve allocation (options include providing land, cash-in-lieu, deferral or a combination – Council’s     discretion).
  6. Payment of Professional fees (i.e., time for the Municipal Planner to review and facilitate the subdivision process)
  7. Public Notice costs (i.e., landowner mail out and newspaper advertisement, consultation with ratepayers, etc.)
  8. Zoning Bylaw text amendments and/or Rezoning costs.
  9. Geotechnical report prepared by a professional engineer. Minimum Building Elevation Interest may be registered to title if there is   hazard land concerns.
  10. Master Servicing Agreement signing – for the agreement of any condition Council requires to complete the subdivision (i.e., any   preceding item, parcel ties, planning fees, etc.)
  11. Any additional item that Council deems appropriate for the proposed subdivision (i.e., construction or maintenance of boat launch, construction of beach area, infrastructure installments, maintenance agreements, etc.).

**Please note costs and requirements are subject to change without notice**

**Developers are required to pay for all costs associated with the subdivision process. **

The above information does not include land surveying costs, land title registration costs, application costs to the Community Planning Branch, legal fees, etc.