Permit Packages

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For your convenience, we have added permit packages that we hope will make your development process easier. Please see the links below for a package that applies to your project. Please also note:

  • Development and Building Permits along with required documents are preferred to be provided electronically. If there is no access to a computer, they can be brought in or mailed to our office.
  • All required documents must be included with a permit package at time of submission to ensure the package is not immediately rejected.
  • As per Section 9.2 of the Zoning Bylaw a Geotechnical report prepared by a registered engineer specific to the site described in a permit or permit application, dated and signed within twelve (12) months of submission of the building permit application, shall be submitted to the local authority by the property owner along with the building permit application documents for all building permit applications involving an disturbance of the ground for purposes of installing any type of building foundation within 411.5 meters (1350 ft) of a water body or waterway.